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what I want to know is, when I'm asleep,

do I really remember how to fly?

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◤carnival CATASTROPHE◢

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show! You’re early for your regularly scheduled Apocalypse, which means you can unfortunately still do something about it, but don’t worry! The clock’s tick-tock-ticking, the City’s painted red (is it blood or liquorice today?), and the living, dead, and living-dead of several worlds are already dancing attendance!

Today’s specialty curse comes with the Deity Chef’s recommendation of "Dance, little puppets, dance!" You’ve got other plans, you say? Terrible, terrible, well, you thought you did. This performance bars attempts to exit.

Lost, you say? Found, we answer. And all you need to know about how, when, and why you ended up here in your very own customized hellhole is that all answers come to those who (live to) wait.

Just settle with a network device linking you to a very merry bunch of often perfect strangers. Settle with the grinding tick in your head. Settle with the wards constricting your abilities. Settle with knowing nothing about anything. Settle with a calendar of days when you’ll do things you wish you didn’t remember in the morning. Have some popcorn.



~ F.C.


Multi-fandom RP placed in the great trap-city of... City, cracktastic or tragic one-day ‘curse’ events that affect its reluctant residents, a pantheon of poseur deities that really need a raise, (in)effective Wardens trying to keep the peace one tyrant at a time, too much of the supernatural on everyone’s doorstep, the janitor on aisle 3, and hopefully, your character.

[ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE FAQ; it explains everything.]

✘R U L E S

[✜] Keep your character(s) active. Your character will be dropped & put up for someone else to app if we realize that it has been inactive for a month. You may re-app for that character if you wish to do so. There will be no exceptions to this rule unless the player has previously stated within the community or to one of the mods that: a. they were on hiatus b. RL problems, c. school related problems or d. lack of internet connection.

[✜] There is to be no godmodding. This specifically means that you will NOT attempt to control another person's character. Be polite, respect your fellow players & ask for permission from the player him/herself before you do anything. Alternatively, do not presume access to information revealed OOCly.

[✜] Keep OOC problems /out of character/. An RP is for fun; it isn't a personal battleground for you to have your characters start sniping at each other just because you dislike the player. You'll get booted out with no apologies if we find out that this is being done.

[✜] Contact the mods if things get out of hand IN GAME. We don't bite and we're more than open to helping out if a modly hand is needed. You can formally reach us through the moderator e-mail we all have access to, which is polychromatic.mods [@] gmail.com. More often than not, try AIM / messengers. [ see below ]

[✜] The posting of logs can be done whenever you wish; there's no rule that states you have to post them within a certain time period. However, please remember to post them in the log community located at tampered. Mod notices, plot ideas, and the main rp community is at polychromatic, whereas all intro/hiatus posts you wish to share with the group are posted at poly_tldr.

[✜] Please keep your characters true to character. Evolution is good, but complete and utter mutilation? Not so much. Staying IC is much appreciated.

[✜] Periodically, please check the list of characters to make sure your character's f-list is updated. Alternatively, refer to the community f-list for the duration of your time here.

[✜] 24 notice should be given for any future major events & plots that will happen within the game.

[✜] This RP is het, yuri and yaoi friendly. But it prefers chocolate chip cookies over cake. But it does not discriminate in its sugar tastes, because sugar is love, and such is ninja_mod's addendum.

[✜] You are allowed to apply for 10 characters or less. If no inactivity problems present themselves, you are allowed to join the ranks of RP martyrdom and exceed that number.

[✜] Please leave a note here if you are going on hiatus. However, if you must hiatus for more than two months, you cannot keep the character. If the character is available upon your return, you can pick them back up again.

[✜] This community is unrated. If you are under the age of eighteen we prefer not to hear about it, thanks ~ ~ however, un-lj-cut posts will generally cater to a work-friendly environment.

✘I N F O R M A T I O N

[✜] C H A R A C T E R - R E Q U E S T S; Check out some of the boys, girls, and its who are in-demand. You might find that your plans to app a certain character changed because of it!

[✜] A P P L I C A T I O N - N O T E S; Got it in you to apply? Check out some of these notes to help you get started if you're confused. A little tl;dr never hurt anyone.

[✜] A P P L I C A T I O N - S L O T; Need to get that one-up on a character before someone else can submit the application? Head this way to ensure yourself priority seating.

[✜] A P P L I C A T I O N S; This is where you apply for the character you wish to play. Players who wish to reclaim a character must re-apply if the character has been dropped for over 1 month.

[✜] A P P L I C A T I O N S [OC]; This is where you apply for the OC character you wish to play. You may apply for 1 character per open week.

[✜] Q & A & F A Q; Have any questions? Please direct them to this post. Want answers to questions? Same deal.

[✜] H I A T U S; Please comment to this post when you go on hiatus; give us the duration of time, and which characters, shall be gone.

[✜] D E S T I N A T I O N S; This is a list of places within the city. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, a new store, a new nightclub, anything, please notify us in the comments & we'll be sure to consider your idea.

[✜] T A K E N; This is a list of taken characters, including contact info.

[✜] A D D | R E M O V E; this is a friends add/remove list for taken/dropped characters.

[✜] C H A R A C T E R | C O N C R I T; Looking for a place to drop a line of concern or praise? Well this is right up your alley. This is a guideline for how crit posts work and how they're used in poly.

[❖] P R O B L E M S; Comment to this post if you have a problem. Anonymous commenting IS allowed. Your comment will be screened & deleted once the problem is dealt with. Another option is to e-mail us direction at polychromatic.mods [@] gmail.com.

[✜] C A L E N D A R; Concerts, shows, curse days & etc will be scheduled on this calender; participating is not mandatory.

[✜] A C C O U N T S; The game's policy on account usage for approved characters.

[✜] F O R - R E N T; A list of where the characters are situated/living.

✘A F F I L I A T E S

otrolado { multi-fandom AU!verse, plot driven }
moksa_u { multi-fandom high school universe }
lastvoyages { multi-fandom between worlds shipboard universe }
laststopgakuen { multi-fandom abandoned school universe }

Do please feel free to contact with either banners, descriptions, or mere linkage for further affiliation ~

✘C O N T A C T

Name: Bon
LJ name: silvernaofficer
E-mail: oh | . | snap | . | replies | @ | gmail | . | com
Messenger: ThatCerealKiller [AIM]

Name: Rizu
LJ Name: stormcoming
Email: opheliary at gmail.com
Messenger: steelandpride [AIM]

Name: Caru
LJ Name: icarus_suraki
Email: cateyed.crow at gmail.com
Messenger: CateyedCrow [AIM]

Name: Molly
LJ Name: mollypocket
Email: pirateslife4meee at hotmail.com
Messenger: LadyOfTheBlade11 [AIM]