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Hey there, Polychromatic Party People--

The mods here, posting with a slightly different account to better facilitate the poll.

Our first poll regarding the posting system has closed. The community based format has won, however this is not the end of our decision making process for POLYchromatic!

As mentioned in the previous post, because the "hybrid system" option was suggested after the polling had already begun, we will put the hybrid community system up against the more customary community-based format as promised for majority ruling.

The hybrid community format would mean that all players who choose to use the hybrid option would need to make at least a copy of their character's Network post and put it in the community and tag accordingly with their character's name and canon. Players may accept replies and comments to their post on the community entry or may provide a link to a character journal where the player will accept replies and comments.

Naturally, a community-based format would mean that Network posts and all comments are made and stay in the community.

For both options: phone posts and personal HMD posts will still run business-as-usual in character journals and would not be posted to the community.

Each format has its pros and cons worth considering. We encourage players to read each and consider them thoroughly.

As of January 15th, Polychromatic is officially open on Dreamwidth. With no posting format decision in place while voting continues, we welcome players to use the Polychromatic reading list until we announce the chosen system. We will make the final announcement on Dreamwidth in our moderator announcement community, That Rainbow City.

This poll will be open for three days--until January 17th at 11:59pm EST. As before, if you are having difficulty with Livejournal, you may email us ( your response to this poll.

This poll is closed.

Which posting format would you prefer for Polychromatic on Dreamwidth?

I would like Polychromatic to have a community-based format.
I would like Polychromatic to have a hybrid community-based format.

Thank you, POLYchromatic. And we'll see you on the other side.
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