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Hello POLYchromatic--

First off, Poly: please have some .giftastic glomping animated Miyazaki love. Because we all probably need it and because our love is eternal♥

All right, so, as you know LJ is presently kind of a clusterfuck. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it.

And, as you may already know, activity requirements have been waived for December.

Also, we mentioned a plot for January on our December curse calendar. Due to...the clusterfuckery, we're going to be postponing that plot for the present time.

Now, on to some serious stuff:

At the moment, lot of LJRP games are thinking of moving due to that selfsame clusterfuckery and drastic changes on Livejournal--especially to Dreamwidth, but also to InsaneJournal. We thought we'd come out with our stance at the moment:

We, the mods, do know that moving is absolutely an option in response and in regards to these recent changes at Livejournal. We are prepared to take that option and permanently move to another journaling website if it seems that that is going to be the best decision for the game. We already have communities reserved around which the game could be built after moving to a new website (at present, we have communities set up at Dreamwidth).

We know that many people are both comfortable and uncomfortable with the prospect of a move like this and we completely understand. It makes us pretty anxious too. And we would, of course, be concerned about losing players or details or parts of the game in such a process.

While we are currently discussing the details that would go into managing a move, and are making some preparations, we would like to hold off on making a decision regarding actually moving until January.

The combination of holidays + the recent changes is kind of a doozy and we'd like to sit tight for a little while if you can bear with us for a little while longer.

Come January, we will open up discussions regarding the possibility of moving based on any changes and/or corrections Livejournal has made (or lack thereof) in addition to any changes they might make in the future. Until then we hope that you can and will continue to play at Poly on Livejournal. We are absolutely aware of the possibility of such an undertaking and we're discussing the issue and everything we do is in the game's best interest.

For now, we very much encourage you to find and share any other workarounds or solutions you've found to combat these distinctly unwelcome changes.

Polychromatic and its clock will continue to tick on...!
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