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Citizens, enjoying these fine days of curseless relaxation? The perfect opportunity to rest a little, naaap, roll around -

…or not.

Whatever feeling of invasion your character previously experienced is about to intensify substantially.

On March 15, at 2 p.m. / 14:00 (EST) one of the City’s main communication towers, resting cosily by Building Three will be slowly but surely turning into wet sand.

The decorators called.”

It will initially preserve its natural colours and only visibly shift in texture, but it will slowly start looking like proper sand, changing completely within the hour.

Then, like any good sand castle, it will crumble down.

Thankfully, the process is gradual, and citizens have a six-hour window of opportunity to try to keep the tower from falling / take it down faster / investigate it as much as they want. Left to its own devices, the tower will collapse by 9 p.m.

A few warnings for the brave souls who’d like to venture inside the tower:
  • the entire tower, including the observation, maintenance and administration office levels - it's all made of sand; this makes it quite delicate, so there’s always the risk of a wall, or part of the ceiling coming down!
  • the unfortunate NPCs that attended on the tower will be found as statues. Likewise, their furniture, papers, food will turn up fossilized.
  • the air within the tower will be particularly stuffy, with the entire structure reeking of decay.
  • ...the longer characters stay inside the tower, the more they’ll come to feel stiff and lethargic, with the Clock’s intensified beating lulling them to sleep. If they fall asleep within the tower... well, the NPCs might not be the only ones reduced to stone. Note: there is no death exemption for this!
  • the verses of this fine song will be written in multiple versions on the sand floor of the ground level; if characters step on it, it will not recreate itself, so multiple search parties might have to be careful about that!

  • If the tower is allowed to fall, expect very heavy dust clouds and large masses of sand in the City for the next couple of days, along with the faint smell of mold and decay around the area.

    As far as network devices go, expect glitches in communication throughout the day, varying from white noise to poor transmission and reception. All network broadcasts should return to their usual A+ performance levels by March 16.

    Feel free to organize rescue / investigation / RUN MAN RUN parties, or just to offer up your character for participation in the comments!
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