April 1st, 2011


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A few developments from the harpy front!

After four days of wandering, the harpies have properly taken the City by siege, and they don't seem too intent on leaving. If anything, Citizens might find they've cozied up, forming four lairs in interesting locations [ MAP ], as follows:

  • in an observation deck in a park by building XII

  • on the ruins of the fallen Tower, near building III

  • in a (now evacuated) aquarium by building VI

  • on the last level of a radio broadcasting station behind building IX

  • These 'homes' were made of scraps of found, 'borrowed,' or foreign metal, in whose presence the harpies seem to thrive. The lairs aren't particularly large, but generally host 25-40 of the resting beasts, with many more flying in and out. Interestingly enough, there are no newborn, or infant harpies on the premise. Of note is a membranous, organic pale substance that seems to have advanced on the grounds and the walls, cocooning the occupied surface and rendering out of electric operation. Characters daring enough to approach and examine it might find that the membrane holds the consciousness and (now probably unrecognizable) bits of bodies of slain harpies.

    Other developments: since the harpies are large, chaotic and air born, and those are three qualities that don't go well with electric line system, expect short power outages in the main buildings, over the next few days. Nothing huge: only a couple of projected minutes of downtime, here and there. Like eljay's.

    Secondly, with all the blood spilled these days, expect the Weavers to be paying public areas a visit. Try to keep healthy, Citizens!

    YOUR MISSION ALWAYS AND FOREVER: there were a couple of people who were throwing around ideas about raising Citizen-made barriers, to keep the beasts out for good, and to stop people from escaping off to certain death. Did anything become of that? >>!

    And if not, what are some ideas / current in-game developments in that direction? It would really help to have something concrete, so don't be shy, speak up /o.

    The neighbourhood's going to the harpies dogs, guys, the birdies have really got to go. The deities are starting to panic about the real estate rates around these parts.

    March Inactivity List

    ○ Monthly Repimping: CHARACTER REQUESTS

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    ○ I make mistakes, if you're listed as inactive and shouldn't be, just comment saying so, and I'll fix it, with my apologies.

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