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Hey there, Polychromatic Party People--

The mods here, posting with a slightly different account to better facilitate the poll.

Our first poll regarding the posting system has closed. The community based format has won, however this is not the end of our decision making process for POLYchromatic!

As mentioned in the previous post, because the "hybrid system" option was suggested after the polling had already begun, we will put the hybrid community system up against the more customary community-based format as promised for majority ruling.

The hybrid community format would mean that all players who choose to use the hybrid option would need to make at least a copy of their character's Network post and put it in the community and tag accordingly with their character's name and canon. Players may accept replies and comments to their post on the community entry or may provide a link to a character journal where the player will accept replies and comments.

Naturally, a community-based format would mean that Network posts and all comments are made and stay in the community.

For both options: phone posts and personal HMD posts will still run business-as-usual in character journals and would not be posted to the community.

Each format has its pros and cons worth considering. We encourage players to read each and consider them thoroughly.

As of January 15th, Polychromatic is officially open on Dreamwidth. With no posting format decision in place while voting continues, we welcome players to use the Polychromatic reading list until we announce the chosen system. We will make the final announcement on Dreamwidth in our moderator announcement community, That Rainbow City.

This poll will be open for three days--until January 17th at 11:59pm EST. As before, if you are having difficulty with Livejournal, you may email us (polychromatic.mods@gmail.com) your response to this poll.

This poll is closed.

Which posting format would you prefer for Polychromatic on Dreamwidth?

I would like Polychromatic to have a community-based format.
I would like Polychromatic to have a hybrid community-based format.

Thank you, POLYchromatic. And we'll see you on the other side.
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We said majority rules in the last poll post, that still stands and you can keep voting between the three options of a community system, a journal system, or no preference. The neutral vote is not a weak vote! It means you are happy to work with whichever system wins and that's a legitimate group within this game. We would however prefer you vote than to not vote at all so we the mods can get a better picture of the entirety of the game. This neutral option arose due to the fact that we were made aware of people not voting at all for the previous poll regarding the move from Livejournal to Dreamwidth.

Because the hybrid system was proposed after the opening of the poll we will be doing a run off vote based on the winning system. Therefore, if a community based system wins we will be doing a run off between a pure community system and a hybrid community system. If a journal based system wins we will be doing a run off between a pure journal system and a hybrid journal system. A hybrid is a compromise meant to utilize the format of one system while still allowing players to somehow utilize the benefits of another.

However we promised that gameplay would officially occur on Dreamwidth on January 15 and we do not want to halt gameplay in any way. Therefore depending on tonight's results we will roll out a run off poll that will also be open for the same duration of 3 days. During that time which will overlap with the official reopening on Dreamwidth, we ask that you use the poly_chromatic community reading list to play until the run off results come in. After the run off poll closes, you'll still use the community reading list until we make an announcement that will outline all the changes based on the results.

With that said we want to reiterate that you can change your vote in the current poll here, knowing that there will be a run off between the majority winning system and its hybrid partner later on. This post outlines as many pros and cons we could find based on our own knowledge and what was discussed by other players for both journal and community systems.

You can continue submitting applications normally until the closure of the open application week this Sunday but please be aware there may be a delay in processing them while these polls go on. For that we apologize ;-;
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Hello, Polychromatic!

Consider this an addendum. As per some discussion on our previous post, we have decided to make a list outlining some of the pros and some of the cons relating to each game format along with an examination of the proposed optional "hybrid system." We gleaned with information from the ongoing conversations about the different formats in our previous post, so we may not have covered all the pros or cons. If you know of some issue, pro or con, that is not addressed here, please leave a comment. We can add it to these lists.

We have also received word that one can edit or change one's vote in a poll until that poll closes. The current poll is open until tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST. We hope this information will be useful to anyone who is still debating about these changes. Regardless, we hope that everyone can accept the results of this poll and the transition from LJ to DW with grace and understanding. We will do all we can to facilitate this move.

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We understand that the debate about this potential change is becoming very heated and very emotional for some people. There are pros and cons for any game organization system and we admit that a great deal of personal preference is involved. However, we hope that everyone can, at the very least, try to come to a compromise regarding any change that may come to the game. Certainly, moving from LJ to DW is a change to the game itself.

Regardless, the City's clock will tick on--!
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Hello one more time, Polychromatic!

Voting on our gamewide poll is closed.

The majority of votes were in favor of moving Polychromatic to Dreamwidth.

Therefore, Polychromatic will be moving from Livejournal to Dreamwidth.

And the mods agree that, given Livejournal's recent difficulties and potential future changes, this will be the best course of action for the game.

The move will be taking place on Sunday, January 15. On that day, posting will officially move from LJ to DW.

Furthermore, we are waiving activity requirements for January because of this move.

However, because this is such a change, we have decided to revisit a topic of discussion--namely, should Polychromatic operate in a community-based or a journal-based posting format?

There are pros and cons to each format--journal-based posting allows one to keep one's own content even after leaving a game, but community-based posting eliminates the need for an add/remove list, &c. Please give both sides due consideration and vote in the following poll. We would like you to decide as regards this change. The majority will rule in this poll as in the other.

This poll is open until Friday, January 13th.

This poll is closed.

Would you like Polychromatic's posting format to change from journal-based posting to community-based posting?

I would like the format to change to community-based
I would like the format to stay journal-based
I have no particular preference and can play in either format

As before, while we would prefer you to use this poll, you may also contact us by email (polychromatic.mods@gmail.com) with your response if LJ is giving you difficulties of any sort.

A few more things:

→ Please join [poly_chromatic], [tampered], [poly_tldr], and [thatrainbowcity] with your character journal(s). These will be our main communities on DW. (Alas, the name "polychromatic" was already taken by a personal journal! How can this be? Also! if the mods of poly_crack would like to set up a crack comm for Poly on DW, please do. That's all up to you, but spread the word if you create one!)

→ This poll is still on-going, but you may go ahead and post in your DW journal if you would like, but please be aware that some players may only be checking LJ. We certainly encourage crossposting from DW to LJ for the time being. We know the game is kind of on hold while the move is going on. We are working on importing our communities and getting everything set up as we'd like. Moving is something of a gradual process, but we would like to have at least the basics completed by the 15th.

→ We recommend that everyone use poly_chromatic's members list for the time being to keep up with any character posts that may be made on DW. Once this poll closes, we will either rebuild the add/remove list or open poly_chromatic for posting with character journals (and we will be using [thatrainbowcity] for mod posts and announcements). Please be aware that if the game stays journal-based, it may take a day or two for us to rebuild the add/remove list and you may have to use the member list for a little while after January 15th.

→ If you are going to be using a journal on DW with a different username than the one you have now, please reply to the first comment in this post with both your old and your new usernames. Please do not reply if your journal name is the same on both sites.

→ Please comment to the new [Taken List] with your character(s). This will be a fresh start and will help us to update the Taken List.

→ Please bear with us while we work on making these changes. We will do our best to get everything up and running as soon as possible.

We will also be making another post here in POLYchromatic and mirrored on the Dreamwidth equivalent (poly_chromatic) with the results of the poll, what those results will mean, and a few final notes and suggestions before the 15th.

Thank you, POLYchromatic! We'll see you on the other side!
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Hello again, POLYchromatic!

As we announced late last month, in response to the recent changes (and potential future changes) at Livejournal, this post is our official gamewide poll to determine whether POLYchromatic should move from Livejournal to Dreamwidth. It's majority rules on this poll and the results of this poll will determine whether we move to Dreamwidth or stay on Livejournal.

If the decision is made to move, we will make several announcements relating to the details of moving. The move will not take place immediately after this poll closes.

We also chose Dreamwidth because of Dreamwidth's importer tool that will allow us to import the game's communities and our mod journals as they are.

Please understand that this would be a permanent move. Even if Livejournal reverts its Release 88 code sometime in, say, March, we would not be able to move the game back to Livejournal. If the decision is made to move, we would stay at Dreamwidth regardless of what Livejournal might do.

This poll will be open from now, Monday, January 2nd, 2012, until Sunday, January 8, 2012.

Do you support permanently moving POLYchromatic from Livejournal to Dreamwidth?

Yes, I would like POLYchromatic to move to Dreamwidth
No, I would like POLYchromatic to stay on Livejournal

Please note: we know a lot of people are having issues with loading and viewing Livejournal right now--because of technical/connection issues as well as medical issues. We would prefer that you use this poll if you can but if you (or someone you know) can't use this poll for whatever reason, you (or they) can email us at polychromatic.mods@gmail.com with a response to this poll.

Please feel free to spread the word on this poll (and the alternative means of contact). We know a lot of people aren't checking Livejournal as much as they used to for any number of reasons, but we want to hear from as many of you as possible--this includes anyone on hiatus.

There will be no curses this week while the poll is going on and the January curse calendar will be released after this poll closes. Applications will still be processed as usual.

After this poll closes, we will announce the results of this poll in another post along with any other news, details, or announcements.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to continue posting and playing here at POLYchromatic.

Thank you, POLYchromatic!

This is Caru, also known as robot_mod, posting with this account because it can create polls.
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Hello POLYchromatic--

First off, Poly: please have some .giftastic glomping animated Miyazaki love. Because we all probably need it and because our love is eternal♥

All right, so, as you know LJ is presently kind of a clusterfuck. You know it, we know it, everyone knows it.

And, as you may already know, activity requirements have been waived for December.

Also, we mentioned a plot for January on our December curse calendar. Due to...the clusterfuckery, we're going to be postponing that plot for the present time.

Now, on to some serious stuff:

At the moment, lot of LJRP games are thinking of moving due to that selfsame clusterfuckery and drastic changes on Livejournal--especially to Dreamwidth, but also to InsaneJournal. We thought we'd come out with our stance at the moment:

We, the mods, do know that moving is absolutely an option in response and in regards to these recent changes at Livejournal. We are prepared to take that option and permanently move to another journaling website if it seems that that is going to be the best decision for the game. We already have communities reserved around which the game could be built after moving to a new website (at present, we have communities set up at Dreamwidth).

We know that many people are both comfortable and uncomfortable with the prospect of a move like this and we completely understand. It makes us pretty anxious too. And we would, of course, be concerned about losing players or details or parts of the game in such a process.

While we are currently discussing the details that would go into managing a move, and are making some preparations, we would like to hold off on making a decision regarding actually moving until January.

The combination of holidays + the recent changes is kind of a doozy and we'd like to sit tight for a little while if you can bear with us for a little while longer.

Come January, we will open up discussions regarding the possibility of moving based on any changes and/or corrections Livejournal has made (or lack thereof) in addition to any changes they might make in the future. Until then we hope that you can and will continue to play at Poly on Livejournal. We are absolutely aware of the possibility of such an undertaking and we're discussing the issue and everything we do is in the game's best interest.

For now, we very much encourage you to find and share any other workarounds or solutions you've found to combat these distinctly unwelcome changes.

Polychromatic and its clock will continue to tick on...!
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Special December Activity Announcement

Dear POLYchromatic Citizens,

As you are no doubt aware... LJ has changed. We know a vast majority of you, (and the rest of the LJ RP community), is not happy with these changes. With the difficulties navigating pages, the lack of subject lines, and the issues people are experiencing, along with just the general dissatisfaction that is not an RP Drive's best friend, we will be waiving Activity Check for the month of December.

Holiday madness also being what it is, take this time to relax, let's sit back and see what LJ does in response to the mountains of feedback they have no doubt received, and regroup in January when AC resumes.

Of course, we encourage those willing and able to fight the good fight and keep playing! But if this recent debacle has thrown you for a loop, your holiday season is busy, or you're just staring at the site going "why, LJ, why", then never fear. Your AC is covered for December. ♥

Have a Happy Holiday Season & a Happy New Year!

November Inactivity List

○ Monthly Repimping: CHARACTER REQUESTS

○ You have seven days to reclaim a character on this list, and in return, you promise three posts minimum instead of two for the next month, that's this DECEMBER.

○ For hiatus exemptions, I go off the Hiatus Notice Page, so, please, everyone, post there! poly_tldr is all well and good, but I don't remember every post there- if you did one, link me and I'll get you covered, but PLEASE use the hiatus post.

○ I make mistakes, if you're listed as inactive and shouldn't be, just comment saying so, and I'll fix it, with my apologies.

○ If you've made the inactivity list twice with a character, (this also includes trying to use hiatus to cover more than one full month's activity), they're marked for removal in the "Second Strike" column. If you wish to reclaim this character, comment and drop me a line on AIM at [steelandpride] so we can talk about it one on one.

If a character on this list has been dropped, don't worry about it. The end results just end up on the remove page anyway.

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HMD: How's My Driving?


How It Works:
[1] If you would like to participate (fully optional), please list your name/nickname/handle and your characters for which you would like some feedback (use our handy form, if you like). Open hands, await feedback.

[2] Go forth and leave some polite thoughts, crit, questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, general feedback, or any combination of the above for your fellow players about their respective characters. In this, we really encourage you to ask questions and get explanations about what has gone into characterization decisions. Communication is key. Find out what went into an action or decision and you may come to understand it better. Let's talk it out.

[3] Please try to be polite and constructive. Can't stress that enough, can we? Give suggestions and ask questions! Respond to questions! Help a player out! But please refrain from using "placeholder" comments. HMD isn't going anywhere, I promise.

[4] Please also refrain from posting pictures, animated .gifs, videos, giant text, sparklies, blinking and moving tags, and &c. outside of collapsed threads. For the sake of our sanity and our load times.

[5] As per community decision, Anonymous is off. We'd also like to request that sockpuppets not be used on this HMD. You are welcome to post a link to a personal HMD thread where Anonymous is allowed, if you so choose; these threads are your own lookout.

[6] If you'd like, you can also list your personal HMD posts and contact posts over in the POLYchromatic Rainbow Pages directory.

The Form:

To the best of my abilities, I'll keep an ongoing and alphabetical list of the HMD comments on this post here below for easy reference.

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[Having some trouble getting HMD to load. Please be patient with me if I don't add your link right away. Thank you!]